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Welcome to OnTheGo

Eliminate the need for paper forms and allows your users to gather the information they need when and where they need it. Whether users are in their office or the remotest fields, OnTheGo gives them the tools they need to get the job done.



Works Anywhere ...

OnTheGo was designed to 'Always Work', whether the user is in town or in the remotest fields, the forms on the device will be available. Using a quick syncing system large data sets can be quickly loaded on the device when in network range and stored for offline use. Credit card and Check payments can be performed online or offline with the companion application OnTheGo Pay®.

Common APIs for Inspection Data ...

Using common APIs and JSON standards, forms can be quickly consumed by another service for storage or processing. Integration with the service endpoints allow quick development of other services that use the data collected. Developers do not need to worry about how to get the data from the users since it is standardized, they just decrypt and go.

Easy Payment Setup ...

Payment Integration with OnTheGo Pay® means you can collect on and offline payments for Credit Cards or Checks. Setup also allows your users to collect cash or bill accounts with reporting and receipts sent back to the admin system.


Simple User Management

With easy to understand roles, user management and form access can be simply handled within an organization.

Quick View Graphs

Clear and concise graphs help organizations determine how their users are performing in the field with form submission numbers and totals of collect payments.

Rich PDF© documents

Use HTML pages to create custom themed documents in pdf© format for your users to print or email.

Large Variety of Settings

Forms can be as simple or complex as needed to fill your organizational needs. Whether it is collecting a couple fields of data or complex formulas and multimedia fields, all can easily be setup via a simple form builder interface.